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We realize that life is a journey that takes us in directions that we have and haven’t imagined. One path leads to another and then another and another. This profile is a story of how our individual paths lead us to many places and also to you.  

Adoption Stories

Raven At 17 years old, Raven was in denial about her pregnancy until she visited a local pregnancy resource center, Burleson Pregnancy Aid Center. View her journey through the ups and downs of pregnancy and choosing adoption for her son.

Sonya When Sonya found out she was pregnant, she considered parenting and even abortion. After going to a pregnancy resource center, she received adoption information and found out about Gladney Center for Adoption. Watch as she shares her adoption journey.

Melissa, one courageous woman, shares her life transforming adoption journey in video. Watch her powerful adoption story.

Katelyn's adoption story is told in a beautiful photo show. Watch how her story progresses.
Katie was living with her boyfriend, was sixteen, and pregnant. This is her story.

Missie became pregnant at 16 and chose adoption for her daughter. Read her story.

Amy wants to share her story of placing her son for adoption in 2010. Listen to her story.

Ruby shares her journey of adoption. Read her adoption journey.

Jennifer a Gladney birth mother, and the daughter she placed 23 years ago are reunited. Watch their reunion.

Dorothy Dorothy believes everything happens for a reason. She knew she wasn't ready to parent at 16 and chose adoption for her daughter. Hear why Dorothy chose adoption for her daughter.

Bobbi Jo Bobbi Jo was 17 when she found out she was pregnant with a baby girl. She chose adoption because she wanted what was best for her daughter. Listen to Bobbi Jo share her story in her own words.

Erin lived in her own place during her pregnancy and received her counseling over the phone and through face to face meetings. Hear what her adoption journey is like.

Jessica is five months pregnant. She chose to move into dorms on the campus of Gladney Center for Adoption to create a new future for herself and her baby. She's not ready to be a single mom, so she is moving forward with adoption. Join Jessica as she shares her experience with Gladney and how she came on this journey of adoption.

Priscilla wants her daughter to have a father and a mother, which is a life she is unable to provide. Priscilla chooses adoption for her daughter, because she believes that her new family will give her as much love and attention she can. When placement day comes, it's hard but Priscilla is able to see the positive future for her baby. Follow Priscilla's courageous road to making an adoption plan for her baby.

Sydney, an 18 year old, is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She has a difficult conversation and turns to her parents for support. With their advice and support, Sydney explores the option of adoption. Observe how adoption changed Sydney's life for the better.

Lauren, already parenting a two year old, is not ready to parent another child. She decides on adoption as an option and finds Gladney by typing "Texas Adoption Agencies" into Yahoo!. Experience Lauren's decision-making process.

Jason and Aimee are a committed couple who found themselves pregnant. Abortion was not an option for Aimee. Since Jason is an adoptee, he was comfortable with adoption as a choice for their baby. Jason believes that everyone's situation is different and you need to look at all the options before making a decision. Take part in the story of the couple's relationship through this life-changing decision.